Toledo’s Must Try Breakfast Pastry

The Kronut has been a recent baking phenomenon, invented in 2013 and sweeping across the nation. By combining the buttery flaky texture of a croissant with the decadent fried exterior of a doughnut, pastry chefs across America have created what New York magazine’s food blog has called “The Must Try Breakfast of the Decade.”

A Taste of Pastry Heaven Here in Toledo

Bakery Unlimited has decided to bring a bit of the big city flavor to Toledo, creating our own take on the delightful Kronut. Toledo’s first Kronut bakery, Bakery Unlimited has sought to replicate the same flavors and textures of the original, with a delicious twist of our own. Made fresh by hand daily in each of our stores, our Kronuts look very much like the Dominique Ansel version. Flaky croissant dough layers, cut into a donut shape, deep fried, coated in sugar, with a layer of pastry cream in the middle, and topped with a ring of icing.

Decadent, delicious and a truly sweet treat, the Kronut is something you must try with your next cup of coffee. Be sure to stop in and pick up a dozen from Bakery Unlimited, and let your friends try the new pastry sensation. Or call ahead to order from our Secor Location at 419-472-7098 or from our Bancroft Location at 419-720-7565. Bakery Unlimited, Toledo’s best custom and from scratch bakery, and the only one with New York’s finest Kronuts available!